The Eighty Keys foundation is a non-profit organization looking for experienced volunteers to serve on its board.  The Foundation has served in the Portland community for over nineteen years by supporting local performing artists through a public awards ceremony called “An Evening of Eighty-Eight Keys” and continues to empower youth with education, after school programing, private lessons,  and performances.

The Eighty-Eight Keys music award program “An Evening of Eighty-Eight Keys” is designed to honor those who work in the areas of sacred and gospel music. This can be a life changing experience for young people,  students, participants, and audience members who come from all elasticities and various economic backgrounds  to enjoy a formal evening of quality entertainment and exposure to an important cultural heritage.  For young people, learning about their own culture is a very important aspect in building positive identities and in developing pride.

Our goals for this foundation are: to expose young people to gospel and sacred music as an art form and to reach and recognize community educators and performers, along with the unsung heroes, who have worked hard to preserve gospel and sacred music in Portland and abroad.  The meeting will be held in North Portland once a month for one hour.

We our looking for professional individuals in the public and private sector to serve as board members of The Eighty-Eight Keys Foundation.  Provide direction to the organization through planning, fund-raising, program evaluation, and policy setting.  A  two year commitment is required to the organization and their will be a back ground check on all final applicants.

Where looking for aggressive volunteers with the following skills:


If you would like to be a part of the 88 Keys Foundation Family please submit your application to john @88keysfoundation.org we will look over your application and contact you for a interview.